Reasons to Buy Building Material Online for Building Your Dream Home

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The Home, you're dreaming about!


When I built my home, I chose to opt to buy building material online myself. I had plenty of options to buy a ready made home at different prices. Many of my friends and neighbors had brought ready-built homes. When you take the option of building your dream home by buying the construction material yourself, it's a big decision. You feel like a mountain of responsibilities just on your way. 


Many of the people like me have a special taste and just can’t trust a builder to buy a ready home. There are two main reason I decided to build my own house with my choice: 

  1. House to be a home, you must have a choice of design which includes interior design and exterior design. It is very difficult to make so many changes in a ready-built home. So after some time you start searching for a home again. You just can’t get content with it. 
  2. Ready-built homes, whether you agree or not, can’t be built of that high quality material. Builders always compromise your construction material to cut down the costs. It may include your home foundation, quality of building material, quality products for electrical fittings, quality paints etc. Many things are compromised and you start again paying for repairs only after one or two years of moved in. 


Now the problem starts once you decide to buy building material yourself. Building industry in India is largely unorganized. You can get quality food in a few minutes by delivery or order any daily use products from different online stores but for building material you don't have many choices. I had faced hundreds of problems from finding the right shop to finding the right price shop. Everything is new when you start building your dream home. It is very difficult to know the quality of the things you are going to purchase. Every building material supplier has their own prices for the same or similar stuff. Oh God!


What are the main big concerns which you may face?

  • Find the right construction material dealer for the products you are buying
  • Quality of building material, you just sometimes can't easily judge it
  • Price variations are huge for same or similar types of building material
  • Delivery. Keep following the delivery wala till stock reaches your destination
  • Quantity of the material. Sometimes you just cannot measure for example sand in a delivery vehicle. 
  • You may not get the invoices for most of the building materials. 


I was excited that I was building my dream home with my choice of quality building stuff but the above problems were drowning my morale. These obstacles made me tired every day. Then I thought about why so many people decide to buy ready homes! 


Getting a dream home on your terms is only possible if you build it with your choice of construction material. A well-built house will definitely live long and be a great satisfaction. Not many busy couples nowadays make a decision to build it by themselves. After the experience of building my own home, I grew a great interest in the building industry. I keenly watch people buying a new home or just planning to build or in the process of building their home.

I wish there must be some reliable solution to make the house building process easier for busy people and I read:


“We help to build beautiful homes for busy people so that everyone is clapping.”

This line attracted my full attention very quickly and I decided to find it out. ‘HELP’ for building my dream home is very catchy. EVERYONE IS CLAPPING is only possible if you’ve built the home with your own choice and with your own choice of construction material. 


Where is all the buzz coming from?


Zrillz is an online platform for people like you and me who are dreaming to build their own home.  Zrillz supports you to buy any type of your dream home building material in one touch with Free Home Delivery. You can search for the material with assured quality and uniform prices. On a platform like this, you can only get genuine building material.


You can search and order the building material by building stages like basic building materials (bricks, sand, cement), plumbing, electrical, paint, wood material etc.


You can also search and order the construction material the way you are thinking. For example, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room etc. It’s very easy to find the stuff and easy to order. 


I would like to mention the easy, hassle free and smooth delivery of your construction stuff. You just order and sit back. All your headache is taken by Zrillz support staff. 


And when you are getting all the building material on wholesale prices, it makes your home building even more comfortable. 


Why Zrillz?

  • One platform to fulfill all your building needs with one touch.
  • Order your choice of building material at comfort
  • Quality material on wholesale prices
  • Find guaranteed 100% genuine products
  • Hassle free home delivery
  • Hundreds of discounts and offers available


If you are looking to build your dream home by yourself and you want everyone to be clapping for your achievement then download the Zrillz app or visit


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