Top Five Five Things keep in mind before start building your home?

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If you are reading my blog then there are probable chances that you are either planning to build a home or already in the process of building one. Building a home is a lifetime dream for many people. From ancient times, home is a place where someone can feel safe and secure. There is no living thing in the world which does not dream of having a secure place to live and grow their family.

Building a dream home can be an easy task if it is done with a well pre planning and taking care of some important points in mind. Let’s share my experience with you.


  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Design
  • Skilled and Unskilled Labour Arrangements
  • Material Procurement


1. Planning

Building a home is not a one-day job. It requires your time and it may affect your working hours and family schedule. Although its big excitement for a family but a proper planning is must to do. You must keep in mind that it may take 3 to six months’ time span when you are actually moving in as a new permanent address.

Planning is not only limited to time; it may include the model type of construction you are using. Some people hire labour on daily basis so that they can get the work done on their conditions with extra importance huge quality. It will take more time to complete the property and also need your more intention. On the other hand, some people may use contract basis (all the labour work on a fixed rate to complete the property). Contract basis takes much less time to complete but usually that quality of work is missing there.  


 2. Budgeting

This is very important factor to keep in mind. Financial planning has two important requisites:

  • Availability of full funds for completing the whole construction work
  • Availability of funds on right time

Many times, not a proper planning of funds can hold the completion of work and also availability at the time of requirements effect the flow badly. You must get some time for proper planning of distribution of funds for labour and construction. For finding the better prices and getting the estimates you can visiting at It will help you to better estimate the cost of building of your upcoming home.


3. Design

You must have clear idea about the design of your dream home. Better to use architect services for designing purposes. It will save your lot of time and money. A reasonable architect will design a home for you for a price starting from Rs 10000. Designs will include complete drawing of the house, plumbing drawing, electrical drawing, elevations etc.

If you start building without a proper drawing it may require many modifications at the time of construction. It will cost in the form of labour time and material. So always start with advance designs in hand.


4. Skilled and Unskilled Labour Arrangements

When finally, you have full arrangement of funds and drawings in hand then it’s time to start hiring skilled and unskilled labour. Skilled labour includes mason, plumber, electrician etc. In unskilled labour mostly the people who used to support the skilled labour. It may be trick to find the right people but you can the contacts numbers from your upcoming new neighbours, labour chowks or from some other references. Make sure to save the numbers of these workers immediately so that you can call them when needed. Sometimes this labour can help you to find further more people if needed.


 5. Material Procurement

This is again a big task because you need to find the right products and on right prices too. Sometimes you may not find the difference between genuine products and duplicate copies. You must use reliable platform for your purchases. To get the quality products on wholesale prices you can also use the services offered by Its reliable platform used by thousands other people for building their homes and commercial properties. You can order the required material at the comfort of your time and can also get free delivery of your materials.


Final Note

Proper planning and by keeping these points in mind can definitely decrease your pressure for building a dream home. After all it’s your home and it’s your life dream to have your own permanent address. It’s my advice to use quality products so that you dream home can have a long life and everyone start clapping on your choice. Happy Building!


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