Frequently Asked Questions @ Zrillz


What is the process to track my order?

You will get email and SMS on your registered contact number. You can visit www.zrillz.com to track your order at My Account section. You can also track at our courier partner website. Tracking number is usually generated once order is dispatched. Although you will get the latest status report of your order by SMS service.


How to find my order details?

You can login to your account to check the order details. But if you have ordered as Guest, you can follow this process:

  • Click on My Account on top right corner
  • Fill the Order Track Number
  • You can check the latest status report


How long it takes to delivery my order?

It depends upon type of product. Most of the products are delivered in one day. But there are many products which are dispatched from far cities and can take up to 7 days for the delivery.

However, there might be some delays in delivering the product to some unforeseeable reasons as:

  • Delivery address is not in easy reach for example interior in the region
  • Natural calamities as earthquake, heavy rain etc.
  • National or Regional holidays


I could not receive my delivery today, what can I do now?

Our delivery team will call you and confirm your availability and reschedule the delivery for your order.


Can I check and open the package before receiving my order?

As per company policy, package can not be opened before the delivery is accepted. But you can get in touch with us later in case you have any concerns regarding the delivered products.


Can I change the time for the delivery of my order?

Delivery time for the order cannot be changed at this time. Our delivery team has been scheduled to make other delivery orders too.


Can I prepone or postpone the date for delivery of my order?

We apologize that this option is not available.


I found the package open and the product seal is broken. What should I do?

In this case, you can request for item to be replaced or returned. You can email to use at support@zrillz.com. You can also call customer care at +91 8558 974559 between 10AM to 6PM


Will I get a phone call before Zrillz team attempts to deliver my goods at my place?

Usually, courier person will call you before delivery if he cannot find your address.


I have a complaint about the delivery person who came to deliver my order.

You can let us know at our customer care number +91 8558 974550. Our team will look into the matter on priority.



Cancellation & Returns


How can I cancel my order?

At Zrillz portal you can cancel your order by one of the following methods:

  • By contacting Zrillz customer care team at +91 8558 974559 between 10AM to 6PM
  • By writing an email at support@zrillz.com


When I can cancel my order?

The possibility to cancel order is only before the dispatch. Once cancelation is confirmed, complete amount will be refunded. 


How long does it take to cancel the order?

Usually it takes 48hrs to cancel the order and 72hrs to refund the amount.


Can Zrillz.com can my order?

Yes, Zrillz.com reserves the right to cancel any order under the following conditions:

  • If its incomplete or incorrect formation of customer’s address etc.
  • In case of wrong product price or specifications are mentioned on Zrillz.com
  • If products are unavailable – if product runs out of stock with the supplier, then order will be cancelled; however the remaining products of the order will be delivered.
  • In case, customer’s address is not served by the delivery team or logistics partner even after placing the order.
  • If Zrillz team found any suspected or fraudulent information.


Can I return the delivered product?

Many products can be returned to us but only under the following conditions:

  • Delivered product is physical defective or damaged
  • Product varies from the description as on the website
  • Wrong item is delivered.


How can I find if my order is eligible for return?

It’s mentioned on the product page if product is eligible to return or not. For a returnable product following are the conditions:

  • Customer should intimate us within seven days of receiving the order.
  • For damaged or defective products customers must let us know withing 48 hours of the delivery
  • Product should not used at all, not even once.
  • The brand packing should remain intact
  • All the labels and tags should be available
  • There are exempted/non-returnable products such building materials, electrical goods, wood materials, plants etc.
  • Products which are mentioned as non-returnable also cannot be returned.


What is the procedure to return the purchased products at Zrillz.com ?

To return a product, customer must follow these steps:

  • Customer must let us know though call or email with seven days of the receiving the order.
  • Customer has to make sure:
  • The product is not used even once.
  • Product brand packing should remain intact.
  • Invoice should be available
  • All the tags and labels should be provided.
  • Zrillz team will request for reverse pickup. Once request is approved, logistic partners will collect the product within 2 business days.
  • Customer should pack the product in a proper way and paste the invoice on it. Packing should be transport/logistic friendly.
  • Customer has to handover the product to the logistics partner.
  • Once product is delivered to the logistics, it will sent to us.
  • On receiving, product quality inspection will be done. It can take upto 2 working days.
  • If there is any defect or damage or fault is found from Zrillz end, will arrange a replacement and it depends on the availability of the product.
  • In the case of refund, money will be refunded to the customer.



If there is case when our logistics service provider doesn’t provide reverse pickup option, customer will have to send the product on his own to Zrillz and only through recommended process by us the mentioned address.

Customer need to share the courier slip along with bank details at support@zrillz.com

  • Account number & IFS Code
  • Account holder name (It should be same as registered with www.zrillz.com)
  • Once product is received, a quality and inspection process will be done and it can take upto 2 working days.
  • If there is any defect or damage etc is found from Zrillz end, we will arrange a replacement and it depends on the availability of the ordered product.
  • If it is a case refund, then refund will be processed.
  • If returned product doesn’t clear the quality inspection, we will resend the product to the customer and he/she has to bear the courier charges for re-shipment. Then no courier charges to send the product will be re-imbursed.


Is it possible to return the order if the size of the product do not fit me?

We do not encourage returns for those products which are worth less than Rs 1000 to justify the logistic costs.


Can I return the product if I received different colour product than the asked for?

If customer received the product in a different colour but specifications are the same then the return of the product will not be done.


What should I do if there are any hardware or component or functional related issues with the device which I bought from Zrillz?

You can get in touch with customer care team of Zrillz if the problem has occurred during the delivery of the product. But if it is manufacturing complaint, then you can get in touch with the authorised service centre of the brand for the help.


What is the process to get refund of my cancelled order?

Once the order is cancelled, full amount will be refunded to the customer. It will be based on the payment mode chosen by the customer at the time of placing the order. Usually time taken as follows:

  • For Credit Card/Debit Card/ Net Banking/ Wallets – 2 Working Days
  • If the payment is done by NEFT or by Cheque then customer need to share the following information details at support@zrillz.com from the registered email id:
  • Account Number & IFS Code
  • Account Holder Name

On receiving the information, your refund will be processed in 2 working days and same may take 2 more working days to show in your bank account.

  • For EMI payment, refund will be credited in 6 to 8 working days after cancellation.
  • For cancellation orders before dispatch, refunds are processed immediately
  • If the order has been refunded due to any other concern, then it will be processed after the inspection of the returned product.


How will I know the status of my refund?

Zrillz team will notify you for the refund once its has been processed. The following are the timelines for refunds:


What can be the reasons for cancellations of the order?

Usually, cancellations are accepted by Zrillz for the following conditions:

  • If Zrillz cannot deliver the product due to non-availability
  • If your pin code or location is reachable by our logistic partners
  • If the procurement of the product is taking longer than seven working days and you are not eager to wait further.


What is the replacement guarantee by Zrillz.com?

If received product is in a damaged/defective or any fault condition or it is not as described, then you can return it to get a brand new replacement at no extra cost.


When will I get a new product after the replacement request?

The process of replacement order is started after original delivered product is back in warehouse and inspected by audit team. You can get upto dated information in SMS and email.


If I have ordered many products, is it necessary to return all products or can return one or more items from the entire order?

It is not necessary to return entire order. You can return or more items from the complete order.


What is Zrillz’s Return Policy?

Zrillz return policy covers if you received a damaged, defective or not as describe product. If you are not fully satisfied with what you ordered then you can easily request to return. You can contact Zrillz team at support@zrillz.com or you can call us on helpline number at +91 8558 974559 between 10AM to 6PM.


Can I return the product after the expiry of the return policy?

You cannot return the product once return policy is expired.


What should I do if I face any issue with my product after the expiry of return policy?

You can get in touch with the product brand or an authorised service centre of the brand and claim the warranty for your product if applicable.


Do I have to return free gift when I return a product?

Yes, its mandatary to return the free gift along with original product.





How can I pay for my order?

You can opt to pay for any of the following methods for your order:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Net Banking
  • Visa or Master Credit Card or any Debit Card issued in India
  • NEFT or RTGS
  • UPI Payment
  • EMI Payments


My payment process was interrupted. Now what should I do?

You can contact customer care team if you’ve already paid for the order. If payment is done successfully, the order will be placed for you by the support team.


How can I make payment by using credit or debit card?

You can make your payment by using credit or debit card. Its very easy and simple process. You need the following information:

  • Your credit or debit card number, expiry date and three-digit CVV number
  • Your payment will be confirmed with OTP by your bank.

Once you entered the above details, you will get email from Zrillz with your complete order details.


Does Zrillz portal store my credit card details?

Zrillz do not store any card information and all the transactions happen through authorized and secure payment gateway.


Is it safe to use credit or debit card on Zrillz.com?

Yes! Zrillz portal use highest possible security to protect your card details. All the payments are managed and processed by leading Indian bank gateways. Our payment gate uses extra security for your payment transactions and do not store the card details in our system.


Can I use Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method for every order?

Cash on delivery (COD) is not available for every order. Some orders cannot be booked with this payment method due to our logistics partner limitations.


Is there any process at Zrillz to prevent card fraud?

Zrillz follow strict process to stop any card fraud. Our team makes sure that every transaction shall be genuine and authorized by the card holder. We take various steps to make sure payments by cards.

Online payments are monitored for any suspicious activity and some of the transactions are verified manually when it feels like it’s not authorized by the card owner.

When team is not able to rule fraud out in some cases, the transaction is kept on hold and we ask the buyer to share some ID proof. This is done to make sure that transaction is genuine and authentic.


Can I make part payment with different payment methods?

Sure, you can make part payments at Zrillz portal. You can use different payment methods for make complete payment.


Can I order large quantities of the product as corporate order?

You can write to Zrillz support team at support@zrillz.com for your corporate requirements.


What is Zrillz’s EMI payment option?

There is various EMI options are available to buy at Zrillz. You can choose to buy now and pay after one month or 3 months equal instalments or 6 months equal instalments. There may be minimum order value condition for buying products on EMI options.

In case of return or exchange, interest is charge by the bank till that time Zrillz will not refund back to the bank.

Cancellation, refund or pre-closure affect of the EMI terms depends on the EMI issuer. You may need to contact the respective bank/issuer to find the more information.



Can I order for a product which is ‘Out of Stock’?

Different products have different options available. Some of the products are available for pre order but some of the products have option to notify you once they are back in the stock.


What is the meaning of ‘Out of Stock’?

‘Out of Stock’ meaning that particular product is not available with our supplier.


Can I shop at Zrill.com with having account with it?

Yes, you can buy. Its not mandatory to have account at Zrill.com to shop. You can shop and check out as guest customer.


What is ‘Pre-order’?

Products which are expected to be released soon and you can pre book. They products will sent to you on the day of its official launch and will reach you within the delivery time as mentioned by the supplier.




Is warranty applicable on the products which I buy on zrillz.com?

All the products which you buy at Zrillz.com come with manufacturer warranty. To know more, you can check with the manuals available with the products or you can visit manufacturer’s website to get more information. You can also visit nearest service centre of the brand to cover for the warranty.


The product warranty card is not sealed which I bought on zrillz.com. How do I claim the warranty?

Your proof of purchase or invoice is accepted as valid proof to provide the warranty service. For any support, you can contact Zrillz customer care service.


Why warranty card is not sealed on my product which I have bought on zrillz.com?

It needs to open the original packaging to seal a product warranty card and most of the consumers do not accept the products if the original box has been opened. This is the reason that Zrillz do not seal the warranty cards. All the manufacturers accept the purchase invoice as a valid proof to provide the warranty service.    


What is the warranty for the replacement of the product? Will it be the same as the initial product?

Yes, the warranty for the replacement of the product will be the same as your initial products.

If you think still issue is not resolved?
You can contact customer care at


Email: support@zrillz.com Call: 8558 974559